Because we all love coffee, and The Black Lab Coffee will turn it into an obsession...

The Black Lab Coffee Co. is the creation of two crazy coffee aficionados in Eli Rami & Sam Holman, who have both been in the coffee industry long enough to warrant heart palpitations.

With a deep love of hospitality, the idea was to find and distribute top quality blends and single origin coffee beans, designed to be brewed in new and creative ways. Eli and Sam wanted to share their passion for telling stories through coffee, and much like a good whiskey or wine the way coffee is brewed plays such an important role in discovering its hidden flavours.

The farmer, the altitude, the process of harvesting and the brew style all add to the story behind the cup.

frankie + jet came along close to take the helm with all things branding and social:
Social media management
Content creation
Photoshoot and Art Direction

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