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Chrissy Flanagan is the quirky aunt everyone wishes they had. Known for her eccentric outfits and bold interior design projects, she shares sustainable design content and owns an events space aimed at reducing loneliness. Her diverse background includes roles as a government executive, beer and sausage entrepreneur. Chrissy resides in Sydney’s Inner West with her rescue poodle, Bobbin, who sports a distinctive orange mohawk.

“Flanagan knows how to inject energy into a group of people. If you’ve ever seen her Tiktok, you’ll understand. In-person and online she’s magnetic: fun, riotously hilarious and sweary, with a vulnerability that’s completely disarming. Her energy is hard to fathom, and you desperately want to see what she does next.” - Broadsheet

Chrissy is available for social partnerships, brand activations, speaking & event hosting opportunities, and more.

TikTok: 298.4K+

Instagram: 35.6K+

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